Introduction and Foundations

The $200 Start Up

The fastest way to destroy the dream of being a business owner, is to plunge into the fray thinking you will work things out as you go along.

Some people begin a business on a lot less than $200, never have a dependable budget and exist with dying hope as each day passes. The dot come destruction in 2001 told a sad tale. Those people watched their dreams disintegrate because they never made a profit. They never made enough money to allow them to stay in business.

Buying into the Hype or..

How to get Rich by robbing banks .. if you buy into the hype of this program or that program that has created so many uncountable millionaires ... Why shouldn't you be the next one?

"Well stats show there are over seventeen million proprietorships, partnerships and subchapter "S" corporations in the United States. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of those businesses generate less than $1 million a year in revenues. Sixty-nine percent of the owners of those businesses make less than $50,000 a year."

Online Opportunity - Bane Of the Desperate

"Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth, / Makes slaves of men" (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

No ready cash. No real business skills. No idea of what one really wants. Desperation for a better life becomes the bane that will ruin all business start-up dreams. Online has its own overhead that can readily match off line business requirements except for the cost of a building. Remember, not all off line businesses own their own stores either.

Hosting requires a monthly recurring expense. While it won't match the rental overhead of an offline business, the cost of software, administration and technical help can soon add up to a pretty penny. Don't forget domain expenses. They may be the best deal online vs operating licenses offline. Still every online business requires a series of licences to operate correctly. Offline has walk-in traffic to create it sales. Online, requires marketing skills that attract prospects using advertising methods that can be very costly as well. Even running an online ecommerce business will not simple attract customers or encourage sales unless it is well advertised. And the products offered have a ready market. As you can see, the poor wretch who starts out with nothing can end up with a pocket full of debt simply trying to survive.